Identifying Potential Talent

Potential talent isn’t always easy to spot: so many graduates have straight A A-Level grades and a 2i degree that there is little on paper to distinguish one from the other. At the other end of the spectrum, a Partner in a rival law firm or a Managing Director in an investment bank might have a reputation for specialist expertise or for achieving results. However, an appreciation of how they achieve results, what scope exists within them for further growth, whether and how they inspire and motivate their people and the extent to which their personal values and motivations fit with those of your organisation can only arise out of rigorous, in-depth assessment of candidates’ intellectual, personal and interpersonal qualities.

CGR’s expert team collectively harnesses over a century of experience to design, develop and implement selection and assessment solutions from mass-screening mechanisms for application forms, to telephone, competency-based and situational interviews, to assessment centres for selection or promotion, to individual psychometric assessment of executive-level candidates. Whatever the challenge, the solution that we design will ensure a rigorous assessment of the key qualities for the role in question.