CGR in Press

CGR consultants do more than simply keep abreast of developments in business psychology; we aim to take the lead and contribute through writing articles and white papers, by speaking at conferences at home and abroad, and through our membership of professional organisations such as the British Psychological Society.

Trust me, it will get better...

The latest recession has done much to erode people’s trust in management. How can we fill this void? We think that the underlying message is very simple – we need to get back to basics and re-learn our ABCs and the Three Rs... more

Ticket to the top

Law firms are a law unto themselves when it comes to selecting Partners and the route to partnership is often a mystery for the average lawyer... more

Why lawyers aren’t normal

Are you introverted? Do you “sense”? Perhaps you are “thinking” or even “judging’”? Don’t worry if you are none of these because you could still turn out to be a successful lawyer... more

From Assessment to Development Centres

One small step or a giant leap? Today’s Development Centres need to be so much more than the “Assessment Centre with feedback” of yesterday... more

When teamwork just isn’t working

Sometimes a seemingly straightforward coaching assignment can reveal so much more going on behind the scenes... more

Will all Programme Managers please step forward?

Unless you are a Programme Manager yourself, you will be surprised at the range of roles and responsibilities the name covers. But how to inspire Programme Management “excellence” with so little clarity about the job... more

360 Feedback - working in partnership

While Gracechurch Consulting conducts a formal review of what Lovell’s biggest clients really think of the firm, CGR has been undertaking 360-degree reviews of its partners in a combined drive to boost profits and improve partner performance...more